Hotel & Accommodation Amenities

Hotels Open Doors to Everything Nice 

Reading hotels and reading restaurants are by far the best means to enjoy either a pleasure or a business trip that maximises time spent in a city that's close enough to London and yet with an identity all its own. Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde are just two of the historic city's many famous people who are celebrated yearly in the Reading Festival. The saying that time is gold is never truer in a city foaming with history and bragging rights that could withstand even the Londoner's point of view.

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The Lap of Luxury at Your Fingertip

Aside from dinner, luxury is never second best in the city that sits at the confluence of two famous rivers in the United Kingdom: Kennet and Thames. Allow these rivers to lead you to golf courses with amenities that are second to none. And if you ever go hungry and you must, first-class dining or barbecues are in abundance to satiate any kind of food craving with or without a window to conspicuous consumption.

When You Let the Great Rivers Lead You

If you ever get tired of watching the river run, you can always catch a movie at The Oracle or grab a drink or two from a line of bars in the area. Enjoy a hastily prepared if not impromptu concert at the Forbury Gardens or marvel at statues and abbey ruins teeming with ancient history. Remains of Roman civilisation can also be had --but not necessarily for a song in the Silchester area. 

In enjoying what matters most in Reading, you just let the great rivers lead you to the pleasures of life, in the same manner, that the city's finest hotels can show you the way to excellent dinners and fabulous works of art. Take the rivers with you to Novotel Hotel, which offers a full-blown indoor swimming pool. Can't get enough of old-style architecture and British royalty? 

Reading Hotels Have Character 

Try a few nights' stay at the revered De Vere Wokefield Estate. And when you get tired of the classics and now prepared to sample neoclassical living, you can move your hotel booking to contemporary amenities at either The Bird in Hand or the Hillingdon Prince. At any rate, you really won't need to sample British luxury by spending tons of money.

Secrets to Keeping Your Riches

Booking during low season or even just plain booking early can save you significant sums. Of course, nothing beats camping out with buddies and other friends and catching last-minute deals online. There's no need to feel ashamed--this is what the rich do.